Jean Klein, CPA

Not your typical restaurant consultant, I will tailor your systems
to your specific operation taking into account your POS system.


I will help you make it to the top.

Your restaurant is your passion. Helping it thrive financially is mine. Concepts, menus, and decor are not my areas, but your financial and back office operations are! As a CPA and former 17 year hands-on restaurant owner, I know the myriad of subtle ways profits are made and how they can get away.

I will help you to implement systems and internal controls to track where your revenues are going and to prevent your profits and assets from vanishing. As a former long-time restaurant owner, I know first hand the real scoop on some of the unacceptable practices that can go on in a restaurant. A restaurant is a financial black hole if no one is minding the financial details.

Good restaurants have great menus. Good and successful restaurants must also have great books. Many restaurant owners are spread so thin that they are preoccupied only with the food and service experience. They neglect the necessary element for staying in business. That element is having accurate, usable, and timely financial data for their restaurant. How do they know what to spend if they don't know how much they really have to spend?

A busy restaurant owner or manager doesn't have time to fool around with complicated systems that were set up by an accountant sitting in an office who has never owned or worked in a restaurant. Restaurant accounting can be very straightforward and if it seems complicated someone has done something wrong somewhere!

Fancy systems are of no use if they are complicated and impractical for a busy restaurant. I know this from first hand experience. Any system must be user friendly and make good sense. I will tailor the systems to your specific operation taking into account your POS system.

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