I am busy enough already! Will I have to spend all my time keeping complicated records?

For a busy restaurant owner, daily sales reconciliations, POS report details, human resource records, vendor issues, monthly bank reconciliations, and all record keeping have to be easy to implement and make sense. If they aren’t easy to use, they are not the right systems to use. And if your financial information makes no sense, something went wrong somewhere.

Are my costs in line?

How can one make good financial decisions without accurate information? Whether it be for day-to-day operations, expansion, buying new equipment, paying your taxes, being subjected to an audit or selling your business for top dollar, you must have accurate and timely records. I will provide you with easy to use tools so you can easily see your expenses to compare them with the industry standards and adjust when needed.

How do you charge for your services?

My fee is project based so that the client doesn’t feel the clock is ticking every time we talk and on my end I can pursue, in depth, issues as I see them. Early on, I will find immediate and easy ways to increase your bottom line.  I leave “no stone unturned”. I like to roll up my sleeves and examine all financial and administrative areas of operations. I get right in there. Almost nothing is out of my realm or beneath me. I am like your temporary CFO.

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