Do you relate to the Greek myth of Sisyphus when it comes to managing your restaurant?

Stop the futility and
increase your profitability

I owned and operated my own successful restaurant for seventeen years. I am also a Certified Public Accountant. I’ve been in your shoes and through trial and error learned best practices for profitably running a restaurant. I’d like to share what I learned and show you how to implement the best accounting and back-of-house systems.


Jean Klein, CPA brings a new approach to Bozeman restaurant consulting

  Your restaurant can quickly turn into a money pit if you’re not careful. I’ve owned my own restaurant and I know the pitfalls and faulty practices that can get you into trouble. Working as your consultant I can show you how to set up systems and controls that will allow you to keep track of your revenue and show where there are leaks and how to plug them up or prevent them.

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  • Increase your profit
  • Develop a turnaround strategy
  • Create meaningful financial data 
  • Streamline your financial processes
  • Set up QuickBooks Online
  • Integrate and optimize POS data with your existing systems
  • Implement an efficient payroll process
  • Set up processes for entering sales and transactions
  • Set up efficient flow for back office tasks
  • Provide training for operations, financial, and back office tasks
  • Reduce outside accounting expenses
  • Develop an exit strategy
  • Set up efficient tax report preparation processes

Client reviews

Let me say a big thank you and congratulations for getting our books in order! It has been like a blessing that you came along to set us straight. The amount of work that you did on our account and the seriousness with which you applied yourself was above and beyond my expectations. Rarely, if ever, do I have the pleasure of expressing such appreciation for a service.   Josh Gibson, Owner, Blackbird, Bozeman, MT

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