Is your restaurant well liked and busy…but hard to manage and the numbers don’t add up?

As a seasoned restaurant consultant and CPA, I can streamline your daily operations and take control of your financial performance. My expertise includes 17 years as a successful restaurant owner/operator. I am also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Easy, practical, and usable systems, will free up your time to oversee the big picture. Let me help you implement internal controls to track where your revenues are going and prevent your profits from vanishing. Find out how working with an expert consultant can help you control costs, increase profits, and improve efficiency in your restaurant and bar. If your financial and operational information isn’t accurate and timely, how can you make sound business decisions?

Does your business have a set of procedures and controls in place to prevent your profits from slipping away? I will help you develop a system of controls and procedures designed to maximize profits and eliminate loss in all aspects of your restaurant or bar operations:

  • Financial record keeping and operational procedures tailored specifically for your restaurant.
  • Operational procedures designed to prevent loss through theft, poor portion control, etc.
  • Optimize your utilization of QuickBooks and your POS system.
  • Consulting for labor cost control, bar management, beverage cost control and more.
  • Daily sales from your POS.
  • Bank account balances.
  • Accounting for tips.
  • Loan payments.
  • Prepaid expenses.
  • Taxable sales.
  • Credit card deposits.
  • Payroll information.

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